Goodness & Mercy in Times of Trouble

Perhaps extreme brokenness everywhere helps us to see extreme goodness that much more.

God’s goodness is all the more evident in times of trouble. 

The birds sing more brightly.

The sky that much more beautiful.

The breeze on a hot day feels as glorious as a kiss to the soul.

It’s in the warmth of the sun that energizes your step.

A hug from a child so tender and needed.

Cold ice cream on a parched tongue. 

Breaking bread with the ones you love. 

Fresh cut flowers tickling your nose.

In the yearning for things to go back to a calmer and quieter time, there is a deeper, gut felt yearning for God.  

It’s in the clinging to his every word in the middle of crisis.

It’s in the kneeling prayer.

It’s in the full surrendering.

It’s in the still moments.

It’s in the unknown and the uttering of the words “I trust you God, no matter what”.

And all the more, in the waiting, in the praying, in the hoping, in the clinging, in the crying out for mercy; there is peace.  

And perhaps this peace and this goodness and this beauty and the simple things in life that are still within our reach; these things that can never be replaced; perhaps these are God’s mercy on us in times of trouble and desperation.  

It’s in the the song of the cardinal. 

It’s in the sunset painted across the sky.

It’s in the relief of the cool air brushing across your body on a hot day. 

It’s in the glimmer and the warmth of the sunshine as it sparkles on your face. 

It’s in the arms of a loved one.  

It’s in the innocent eyes of a child.  

It’s in the meal shared amongst good company.

It’s in the fragrant scent of flowers.

It’s the waves crashing on the shore.

It’s the fog lifting around the mountaintops.

It’s in the breaking of the dawn and another opportunity to glorify our maker.

And still, if not ever more, as the safety nets fall down around us, the goodness of God will embrace us. His mercy will make us new. His peace a respite in times of trouble. 

You need not look too far to find it.

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