To The Woman Walking In Shame


I know it well.

I wore it for years.

But I’m here to tell you this; no matter what you’ve done that brings you shame, you are not too far gone for the saving, redemptive, forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ.

Got hooked on drugs or booze?

Had that abortion?

Cheated on a spouse?

Broke the law?

Lived out a risky and rebellious youth?

Made mistakes as a parent?

Lost the trust of someone you care for?

Survived an assault?

Grew up in an abusive home?

Left an abusive or cheating spouse?

Fill in the blank with any hurt.

Fill in the blank with anything that caused you to be cast out, rejected and feeling alone.

You’re not too lost, too bad, too broken or too messed up for the Savior to set you free.


If he could take this broken girl who grew into a very broken woman and whom he made whole, I know without a doubt that he will do it for you too.

If you’re keeping a secret, one that torments you and keeps you trapped in shame, try this:

Close your eyes and picture Jesus reaching out his hand to you and saying, “Come to me.” Then, simply go. Nothing you tell him will surprise him or cause him to deny you. Give it to the Lord and then walk in the freedom of his grace.

It’s time to be set free.

In the meantime, let’s all remember to be Christ to others. You never know what burden they’re carrying and it’s good to be reminded that we too once walked in shame.

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