You’re A Memory

I miss you because you’re gone- a memory.

I still see you in my dreams.

Throughout the day something triggers a memory.

I can picture you now, as if a sign.

Youthful without aging-no deteriorating.

These visions are peace bringing.

A smile in the pain.

But how I long for you.

To smell you.

To feel your hand touch mine.

Your embrace.

Your kiss on my cheek.

Anything to feel your presence here.

How I long to share with you.

My family.

My growth.

My fears.

How I long to hear you.

A voice like no other’s.


Your wisdom.

Your laugh.

Your prayers.

But it’s all a memory.

It guides my future.

My choices.

My reactions.

My faith.

My heart.

My smiles.

My stories.

My tears.

My despair.

My pain.

My hope.

The memories stack one on top of the other and mold me into who I am and who I hope to be.

Sometimes the memories cause me to cry out. Sometimes they bring divine peace. Other times, understanding.

A photograph can speak a thousand words- taking me back to a time that no longer exists. To live in a moment through a memory- a gift.

The memories tell a story.

Of you.

Of me.

Of a life and the fragility of it all.

The memories keep me looking to Heaven until we see each other once again and you will no longer be just a memory.

Until then your memory will live on through me.

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