Yes, I Will

Yes, I will WAIT on the Lord.

I will worship him through the trials.

I will keep faithful when I feel like giving up.

I will look to him who goes before when the unknown feels daunting.

I will keep words of praise on my tongue.

I will think of his goodness and mercy when evil and brokenness dare to fill my mind.

Yes, I will HOPE in the Lord.

When the world feels as though it’s crumbling.

When disaster looms.

When my spirit feels dampened.

When the weight of worry tries to hold me down.

Yes, I will SEEK the Lord.

When I wander around lost for awhile.

When I don’t know which way to go.

When I step off the path.

When I am afraid.

When I am at a loss for words.

When I feel weary.

And even so, when the outcome is not what I had wanted, it is well.

Even so, when my loss is great, it is well.

Even when I wait and wait, it is well.

And I will praise Him still.

1 thought on “Yes, I Will

  1. Good thoughts to start the day, Jenny. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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