Who God Is

Who is God?  You may be wondering who God is.  Perhaps you’re curious about the faith.  Maybe you’ve walked away in the past.  Or, maybe you’re wondering if you can really trust God.  I have found that knowing who God is by understanding his character, helps me to trust him, no matter the situation.  Here is who God is…


He is the possible in the impossible.

He is the joy in the sorrow.

He is the strength in the weakness.

He is the hope when there is no hope.


He is the light in the darkness.

He is the morning in the night. 

He is the freedom in the bondage.

He is the way when there is no way.


He is the acceptance in the rejection.

He is the home in the foreign place. 

He is the beauty in the destruction.

He is the giver when all has been taken away.


He is the peace in the storm.

He is the calm in the chaos.

He is the justice in the injustice.

He is the answer when there is no answer.


You God are good when there is no good.

You are love when there is no love.

You are life when there is only death.

You are eternity when all things end.


When circumstances shake me

When certainties are unknown

When plans fail and dreams are lost

You never take your eyes off of me 

As my broken heart you mend.


To trust is to surrender

So surrender I will do

Take this life, whatever comes

Your will Lord, not mine

And no matter what the outcome brings

Let this light inside me shine. 


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