The Choice Is Ours

Woke up to a substantial amount of snow for April 15th. As much of a bother as any April snow is, this particular shelter-in-place snow feels even more intrusive. The green outside, the plants now bending under the weight of an uninvited guest-these were my reminder of better days ahead when the present day felt too hard. The sunshine, the tilling, the tending to-my vitamins-my anxiety meds.

But today, looking out the window, the scenery feels more consistent with the place my heart defaults to. When looking out feels grounding but today it feels discouraging, we have a choice. Let it swallow us up or choose to stay hopeful. Choose to stay grateful. The unexpected doesn’t have to feel like defeat.

So, today, let’s:
-Be grateful for the variety of landscape.
-Remember that just like the seasons come and go, so will the unplanned-for hard things.
-Bring inward what creates joy.
-Read your Bible.
-Listen to music that
encourages you.
-Create something.
-Stay productive.
-Stay connected with family
& friends.

I heard someone say recently, referring to this difficult season we find ourselves in, “without the winter, the roots can’t grow.” I love the imagery of a cold and seemingly baron outdoors, actually growing and thriving in the unseen places, under the stress of the circumstances.

Perhaps today, whether you look outside your window and see snow or just feel the weight of this unwelcome -pandemic-season in life, you might remember there’s a mystery taking place all around us, in the unseen places. We’re all stretching and growing in ways, maybe unseen today, but the fruits will be ready one day soon. Just have to stay patient. Stay hopeful. Stay faithful.

Today, I’ll lift my eyes up, beyond the snowflakes, to the one who let it fall. There I find my hope & gratitude.

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