Get Healthy With Me

I’ve always been honest with my followers and listeners about my struggle with mental health and ADHD and more recently about the battle I’ve endured with my health, chronic illness and some serious injuries to my back and shoulder. And, as I had shared with some women in my inner circle, I was just really struggling to feel well. In fact, I felt like I was dying but everything changed when I took a chance on this liquid multivitamin that my mom and sister swear by and began taking it each morning.

Within a couple of days, YES, just a couple of days, I felt like my old self again. Maybe even better than my old self. I felt alive again and the difference was so noticeable that it kind of shook me to realize how not well I was living.

Because of the way this multi vitamin lifted me up out of depression, replaced my ADHD medication, and kept me energized and clear minded ALL DAY LONG, I reached out to Mary Ruth’s and asked if I could be a brand ambassador. Why? I mean, I’ve already got a full plate on my hands, being a busy homeschool mom, and wife, small business owner, ministry leader, writer and podcaster, but this is important too. I want women everywhere to feel as good as I feel now. I want you to start living the life God intends for you. Because if you’re just surviving, you deserve more!

My family has enjoyed several of their products….

Check out all that Mary Ruth’s has to offer HERE!

Use Code THEFILTERFREEMOM115 to save 15% off your order or Code BTSROUTINE to get 25% off your subscription!❤️❤️❤️

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