Hi there!

I’m guessing you’re here because community sounds great.  I love community too, but this community isn’t just your ordinary Facebook group.  This is a community where we are real with one another.  Where we let down the walls and laugh in the face of stigmas.  A community where we are honest about our struggles.  A community where we learn to share the hard stuff.

I created this community because I want more for you, for me, and for all women.

Want to join?

Do you want to be amongst a group of women who are truth tellers? Do you get as excited as I do when you’re with women who talk about the real stuff- you know- the hard stuff in life? Are you sick of surface friendships?  Are you sick of feeling inadequate because of all the fake and filtered stuff you see online?  Do you get swallowed up by comparison and self doubt when nobody talks about difficult things and only share the good?

You’re in the right place!

Please start by liking “The Filter Free Mom” Facebook page.  Then, join the community page, “The Filter Free Mom Community”, a closed group for moms to go deeper into topics, offer and receive encouragement, and share their stories.  Join the conversation today and don’t forget to invite your friends!

Click here to LIKE the Facebook page so you can stay up to date on The Filter Free Mom posts & more!

I am so excited about the community and hope others find it to be the wonderful place I envision.



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